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We produce a very wide range of breads, cakes, biscuits, scones, muffins and pastries including:

Flutes, malted brown sandwich loaves, wholemeal loaves, overnight white bread, rye sourdough, ciabatta loaves and rolls, focaccias in various flavours and saffron buns, croissants and muffins.


Tarts and cakes include:

Carrot cake, banana cake, treacle tart and bakewell tart.


All our breads are made using Heygates flour and are made using traditional slow fermentation methods for a longer lasting and tastier loaf.


Our sourdoughs are made from our four year old starter using a 50 hour dough process. We sell the starter in a dried flake form for you to rehydrate and make your own sourdough.


Everything is made from scratch, on site, even the jam in our bakewell tarts!

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